Certified and Serialized™

Brunson knows you care about accuracy.

You use laser trackers to achieve the maximum quality from your manufacturing processes. But when you accept a target holder manufacturer’s “tolerance range” on every measurement you take, you can end up with a result that’s not very tolerable. Damage and unseen wear to the target holder can make this even worse.

Brunson Certified laser tracker target holders take laser tracker accuracy beyond the tolerance range of manufacturing specifications. Rather than a simple Pass-Fail test, each critical dimension is measured precisely, logged in our database, and shown on the Certificate that comes with the target holder. These certified dimensions can be used by the operator instead of relying on a generalized tolerance range – improving the actual measurement made by your 3D laser instrument . The end result: less stackup error and reduced uncertainty.

Each dimension certified by Brunson is taken using a NIST-traceable process. A laser-etched serial number identifies the target holder for component management. Customers can specify the serial number desired.

This certification can pay dividends if you manufacture assemblies and components for clients that require your metrology systems to be verifiably accurate and clearly documented . You may even be able to reduce the cost of such system verification while improving the overall accuracy of your 3D systems.


NIST-traceable measurements of
critical target holder dimensions
are provided in the certification
document. These values can be
used during measurement
processes instead of the more
general manufacturer’s
tolerance range.
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