The NIST Interim Field Test for Laser Trackers

NIST’s whitepaper (NISTIR 8016) addresses a need in the laser tracker community… having a convenient way to gain confidence that a tracker in the field is performing up to spec without spending an inordinate amount of time testing it.

Their Interim Field Test proposes a procedure for field testing a laser tracker's 3-D length measurement capability using a calibrated scale bar as a reference artifact. The test is specifically designed to be sensitive to uncompensated errors in length measurement caused by imperfect geometry and misalignments in the laser tracker’s construction. It is intended to be quick (less than 30 minutes) and easy to perform in the field.

This Interim Field Test gives operators confidence that their tracker is performing within expected norms.
Get the Whitepaper: NIST Interim Field Test Procedure

Get the Whitepaper: NIST Interim Field Test Procedure

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